savage_demmigod · 6 days ago
What happened?!
sassyllamaeswuire · 6 days ago
Because I work in an independent restaurant with only 3 locations, due to the corona virus, it had to shut down and lay off everyone who isn’t a manager. It really sucks
savage_demmigod · 6 days ago
That's horrible!
sassyllamaeswuire · 6 days ago
Ey at least I can apply for unemployment bc it’s corona related ;u; it won’t be much but at least I know I’ll be accepted
abel_hazard · 6 days ago
Still sucks, and I hope it’s not for very long.
art_with_ghost · 6 days ago
Man that must suck
vulture_ · 6 days ago
If you asked me in December of 19' what would put the world at it's knees. My guess sure as hell wouldn't of been a virus.