grimreaper · 6 days ago
An Eggs In A Basket-based grilled cheese. Was fucking amazing.
funkmasterrex · 6 days ago
It's good, but it's a pain to fix.
draugrdeathoverlor · 6 days ago
I'm intrigued. Tell me more and provide pictures.
catfluff · 6 days ago
Is it the Nest-egg dish?
creativedragonbaby · 6 days ago
Yeah. Egg within toast. But it’d be hard not to overdo the bread.... cause you’d need to cook the egg and the bread so it doesn’t fall apart
grimreaper · 5 days ago
Gonna put ham on it next time.
grimreaper · 5 days ago
I'ma take a picture of my creation tomorrow morning.
creativedragonbaby · 5 days ago