hyperion · 3 days ago
Sexy fun times.
Try and improve cooking skills.
Clean around.
Sunset watch.
Learn how to draw.
Drink some alcohol and talk.
Playing card and board games.
Also a big part is being patient.
unicycle · 3 days ago
What kinds of things does he (and you) like? Does he have a favorite TV show? If it's a detective/mystery show, could you plan a "murder" and make a bunch of clues around the house for the two of you to solve? (Bonus points if you can get a third person to make the clues so you can solve it together!) If he likes cooking/baking competition shows, how about a cook-off? Both make the same dish and decide whose is better. How about a movie marathon? It can be fun/silly to watch only movies with x actor, i.e. Robert Downey Jr. Board games or card games can be pretty good entertainment for a bit. You can also have a Bob Ross painting party - get some inexpensive art supplies and paint along to an episode, no prior experience needed. Assuming the weather's alright, you could go for walks/bike rides to break up the monotony of being indoors.
I think the best plan will be personalized to the things you two enjoy. But I'm sure he's excited to just spend time with you.
parisqeen · 3 days ago
You could make a blanket fort, inside picnic, floor is lava, treasure hunt but inside of prizes it's little notes with reasons why you appreciate and love him. As you can see most of my ideas are going to be "kids" games but those are the ones that are fun, get creative if you can.
justarandom · 3 days ago
Edit: we'll be staying at an airbnb.
funkmasterrex · 3 days ago
It's all a really big joke, so humor. Make him laugh, but not the doomsday laugh. It needs to be funny. Stories; in any form, work wonders.
@parisqeen I just fought my way out of a blanket fort. FTFW.
funkmasterrex · 3 days ago
I mean, twas virtual, but whatever.
parisqeen · 3 days ago
You made a virtual blanket fort?
funkmasterrex · 3 days ago
Yeah... sort of. There are places you have to run through to get an item, which is all dandy... but the problem lies in getting past the monsters, so I built a metaphorical fort within the game so I had a "base camp". It was basically just a little spot on the side of a cliff, but I could easily jump off and run away, but also not aggro mobs while in the middle of picking them off; thus clearing the path to get the item and gtfo'ing
iccarus · 3 days ago
don't worry, Trump will open the borders in a few weeks.
parisqeen · 3 days ago
@funkmasterrex Smart tactic
funkmasterrex · 3 days ago
Wanna hear something insane? I've made it purposeful to not move in FF14 unless forced into it. In FF11 I got the fast pants and would zoom zoom around.. and would afk while doing so until I ran into a wall. Because of this I'm now a far better Conjurer than Lancer... and then a far better craftsman than either of those... until I run into the problem of needing an ingot I don't want to buy and would prefer to craft myself; ironically needing an airship to do so. It's perplexing and I'm a doofus.
funkmasterrex · 3 days ago
I think I conveyed half that idea on another chat, but w/e. I can't ascertain if this is circling or spiraling yet; probably somewhere in between... it's not exponential growth but it's not static.
parisqeen · 3 days ago
I won't deny I didn't get half of what you said but I am with you and I support you and you'll be a pro at this game eventually.
funkmasterrex · 2 days ago
lol aye