Best Animes on Netflix??
by juliesmash · 10 comments 2 weeks ago
juliesmash · 3 weeks ago
I just finished watching Violet Evergarden and oh man it's so well done to the point it made me cry a few times... and now I don't know what to watch that will come close to that, that I havent already watched lol
nicengelman · 3 weeks ago
It's a really different experience but Castlevania is exclusive to Netflix and it's amaaaaaaaazing
hyperion · 3 weeks ago
Neon Genesis Evangelion if you want some life questioning and confusion
nicengelman · 3 weeks ago
Oh My god I forgot NGE was on Netflix best thing ever!!!
nicengelman · 3 weeks ago
And they've got the movie that actually explains what happened in the last two episodes!!!
blazingfrags · 3 weeks ago
You've probably seen it...but naruto and my hero academia are good
xlaxxine · 2 weeks ago
Mob psycho 100
xvarnah · 2 weeks ago
Bearing in mind that none of these are necessarily LIKE violet evergarden...
Seconding castlevania.
Your Lie In April will likely make you cry, too
Any of the FMAs.
Code Geass isn't bad so far (though I haven't finished it yet)
Psycho Pass is decent but idk if it's still on netfli
Death Note
Gargantia on the verduous planet
Not on Netflix:
Ginban Kaleidoscope
Stein's Gate
juliesmash · 2 weeks ago
You guys are the best!
tarotnathers13th · 2 weeks ago
It was on Netflix and I’m pretty sure it isn’t anymore, but Ghost Hunt is a really nice one in my book. Think western style paranormal investigators in anime form. The Bloodstained Labyrinth arc where the setting is based on the Winchester house is stellar in my opinion. The only arcs that didn’t strike me dazzled was the one filler arc and the last arc, despite being good in it’s own right, was lacking to me compared to the Bloodstained Labyrinth. Hell, while my computer’s waiting for replacement parts, I’m going to go rewatch it.