Your thoughts on COVID:
by carl · 19 comments 2 weeks ago
carl · 3 weeks ago
Hey guys, I almost never post in chats but I’m super curious how COVID is going down in all of your individual states and countries. It’s so weird to hear the different opinions on it and how each city and state is being affected differently.
mrfahrenheit · 3 weeks ago
NZ here: We kinda sorta maybe beat it! I'm heading back to my uni hall on the 19th, and classes return to face-to-face delivery when Semester 2 starts!
funkmasterrex · 3 weeks ago
Idk but these ducks are bout to fuck. Had a stogie and they were doing the little dance... bout to get down tonight (this morning).
mastapasta · 3 weeks ago
The queues everywhere are bullshit
Except sainsburys where they let four people in for every one person that leaves, but thats cos it heckin massive
dr_richard_ew · 2 weeks ago
I'm in NB here in Canada, and I have to say, we're handling this super well. We're down to 2 sick people atm, and I think the province next to us (PEI) is down to 0, so thats nice. Idk how long it'll last, but hopefully for a while.
I do have less hopeful thoughts on the rest of the world, but I don't want to be a depressy duck if you guys don't want me to
parisqeen · 2 weeks ago
SA here. We still have social distancing rules and a limit to how many people can get together but rules are loosening slowly, I go back to campus in Semester 2. We haven't had any new cases in quite awhile but we are still getting constant reminders to stay safe, stay vigilant so we can prevent any further cases. How bout you @carl?
grimreaper · 2 weeks ago
Kentucky here. We're doing okay, new cases are slowing, seemingly as it gets hotter.
funkmasterrex · 2 weeks ago
@grimreaper stay safe from the wind and it's noise that is about to tear through.
xlaxxine · 2 weeks ago
India here: The cases are increasing everyday, say an avg. of 3000 per day. But the good thing is, it is concentrated in few states only, and these states are being sealed off. While restrictions are loosening in other states.
But I think it's going to hit us in few weeks.
Hoping for the best
xvarnah · 2 weeks ago
Personally I'm against it. -500/10
jingle · 2 weeks ago
California here. My family and I are trying to leave home the least amount possible, but no one close to us have gotten sick, so that's good. Plus, I had some family come over the other day and that was so great to my soul
mastapasta · 2 weeks ago
I kinda like it - it means i have a reason not to go out
Also - no school, so i can play viddy games after working
carl · 2 weeks ago
I meant more like what is the atmosphere like where you are. I live in a small tight knit community in MN, we actually have a significant number of cases here. People stayed home for the first month, but now that it’s warm out pretty much everyone in my small town has stopped social distancing. A lot of our businesses are even opening in secret. So honestly in the town I’m in it doesn’t even feel like anything is going on. In the bigger cities nearby even it seems like there are lots more people shopping in groups and going out, probably even more than before since now they don’t have work. So for me everything feels the same.
carl · 2 weeks ago
So my question for you guys is more like what is the atmosphere where you are. Because like I said where I am everyone is acting the same as before, but in the Twin Cities in MN it’s a ghost town. No one is leaving their homes and the streets are empty. It’s very surreal. So I just wanted to see how this compares to other people’s areas
mastapasta · 2 weeks ago
some people are just behaving like normal, but others are going overkill on the protection gear, others just stay home and only go out to the corner store to get supplies
on the whole, in birkby, life is just the same
carl · 2 weeks ago
Are most people social distancing in Birkby or saying screw it?
mastapasta · 2 weeks ago
50/50 tbh
carl · 2 weeks ago
Oh dang, where I live in MN once summer hits people go ham with going out and doing fun things, so where I am everyone said fuck it and I don’t know anyone who is still social distancing besides a nursing home.
mastapasta · 2 weeks ago