mrfahrenheit · 2 weeks ago
Daily limit I think
parisqeen · 2 weeks ago
Yeah sorry bud you can only post a certain amount a day/ at a time. Doesn't matter how many you delete because you've already reached that post limit. At least that's my knowledge of it, however, I don't post often so I could be wrong.
parisqeen · 2 weeks ago
Do you need to upload it here specifically for some reason?
xlaxxine · 2 weeks ago
Sorry I can't help.
But I am really curious about this uni project of yours.
achillesandxanthos · 2 weeks ago
That seriously made no sense, wow but yeh its a comic strip depicting a modern retake of a greek myth, Achilles and we have to publish them and make them publicly available, tahnks for all teh help and concern, means a lot :P
parisqeen · 2 weeks ago
It's to prevent people from being able to spam. If you post over 2 days it should allow you to make multiple posts. I suggest an alternative site to a meme site if you want them to be publicity available.
thatguyyouknow · 2 weeks ago
You also might not be able to post because previous posts are going so good in the like department