A method to reduce bots:
by creativedragonbaby · 7 comments 2 weeks ago
creativedragonbaby · 2 weeks ago
Many of us identify bots through their cut off titles. I propose that if someone tries to upload with a title that is too long, it gives them a warning and doesn’t go through
creativedragonbaby · 2 weeks ago
Another lesser option is for Dave to keep an eye on new users. This will be a bit more difficult to identify bots but for ones that are specifically advertising bots, they usually have names like “HawaiiHoliday”
creativedragonbaby · 2 weeks ago
Also not a warning, perhaps just an error alert
mrscollector · 2 weeks ago
I notice bots by the fact they haven’t commented in years.
nicengelman · 2 weeks ago
Bots almost always have a small number of comments, the most recent from two or more years ago, and 450-550 posts. That being said I made a post regarding the bots and it was made pretty clear that they're actually considered a necessary part of funsub and won't be going anywhere
vulture_ · 2 weeks ago
Yeah @nicengelman iirc it was either zues or Superdave who originally added it so I doubt they'll be going anywhere anytime soon. I'm not a big fan and it's definitely one of the main contributing factors to my decreased visiting.
that_creepy_guy · 2 weeks ago
It would be cool if SuperDave could add a filter to the bots, like a keyword filter of sorts that if a title has those words it can't be posted