rosalinas · 2 weeks ago
Shortest day
Day means light time.
Means the sun rises late and sets early which makes the day becomes short
xvarnah · 2 weeks ago
Pretty much what rosalinas said.
Since you just had your shortest day of the year, this means for the next 6 months or so you should be gradually experiencing more hours of daylight than you were. When winter comes round you'll experience your longest day of the year, and the days will have less sunlight again until you reach summer again
kaiserwilhelm · 1 week ago
What xvarnah said is partially incorrect.
In Australia the shortest day of the year is in the middle of winter whereas the longest day is in the middle of summer.
These days are called solstices and they are opposite in different hemispheres of the Earth, so Australia and other southern countries have opposite solstices to people in the northern hemisphere such as USA and Europe, and opposite seasons.
The closer that you get to either the north or south pole, the greater this change in length of days becomes, to the point where in the Arctic circle there is no night in summer, and no day in winter :)
xvarnah · 1 week ago
Lol fair enough. I was basing my answer off her mom saying they just experienced their shortest day. Ty for fixing it