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xvarnah · 1 week ago
I have no ideas but happy day of birth
mrfahrenheit · 1 week ago
cakelover · 1 week ago
Happy birthday old chap
Don't forget a birthday workout
snowbeast · 1 week ago
Happy Birthday! Do something that makes you happy <3
karlboll · 1 week ago
Merry Birthcanal Escape Day! Eat twenty of something.
famousone · 1 week ago
Alright. Just got off shift, I'll be doing a birthday workout, sneak some bros over for a Smash Bros tournament, make myself spaghetti, and close out with John Wick movies. Thanks all of you. I appreciate the suggestions and well-wishes.
strangelyacoustic · 1 week ago
Sounds like a banger of a plan, hope you enjoy it!
parisqeen · 1 week ago
Happy Birthday! Finally out of the teens. Your bday plans sound awesome hope you have a great time.
spookykink58 · 1 week ago
Ay, Happy Birthday Mate ????. And that's a perfect plan. Are you gonna do a John Wick marathon or just one of them?
spookykink58 · 1 week ago
I forgot that FS doesn't register enojis. Those four question marks are a confetti burst.
famousone · 1 week ago
Did a marathon. Yesterday was a good day
spazz · 1 week ago
Hopefully you're not too bogged down by quaratines and lockdowns, but I'd say to have as much fun as possible, within reason. Happy birthday!
bensen · 1 week ago
I don’t actually remember when I turned 20 but at 21 dad gave me a special party at home with him and Mum eating party food and playing Use Your Words
fell_equinox · 1 week ago
Happy belated birthday, buddy. Hope you had a good day
fell_equinox · 1 week ago
Happy belated birthday, buddy. Hope you had a good day
xlaxxine · 1 week ago
O shit i missed this.....
Happy birthday dude,
funkmasterrex · 1 week ago
This is a tough one. You just turned 20? I know you've drank, so no sparkle there... I'd say amusement park only to be thwarted by the virus. Do you have that special lady? If you have that, take the tepid time twix' er; if not... attempt the hunt for a swan; you're boys can either embarrass you or help you...
aviva · 1 week ago
Happy belated birthday, @famousone !!
famousone · 1 week ago
Once again, thanks to everyone. I'm so glad so many of you wish me well
funkmasterrex · 1 week ago
who the fuck else are we gonna shout at?!? Echo chambers blow.