parisqeen · 1 week ago
That's such an amazing milestone! Well done you, hard work pays off. Gonna have a house warming party?
strangelyacoustic · 1 week ago
Congrats! :D
rtg_007 · 1 week ago
dr_richard_ew · 1 week ago
Whose dick did you have to suck and where can I find him.
(Seriously though, congrats mate!)
rosalinas · 1 week ago
And please buy a plant (even just a small house plant) to mark this special day.
metalman · 1 week ago
@parisqeen kinda sorta. We had pizza at my grandparents' house as celebration lol (they live accross the street)
@dr_richard_ew back alleys mate ;) just ask for bubba
@rosalinas I'll definetly think about it problem is my cats might try to eat it and the graden out back has more than enough plants to keep me busy lol
@strangelyacoustic and @rtg_007 thanks lad(s) and/or ladie(s)!
rosalinas · 1 week ago
Catnip time!
parisqeen · 6 days ago
Oh my gosh that's so sweet you get to live so close to them. I don't know if you're one for sentimental material things but do you have your first piece of furniture you bought for you and your new house?
My mum has this meat safe/ cabinet (currently in our house) that she bought herself when she had her first place at 18.
metalman · 6 days ago
Not really anything furniture wise. My big thing is hats. I have hats from nearly everywhere I've been in my travels so I have something like 30 hats i needa find a place for lol
parisqeen · 6 days ago
Love it, a hat collection. Maybe put up some nice shelves? So they can go on display
savage_demmigod · 6 days ago
DUDE THAT'S AWESOME!! Fill it with all the things that make you happy!!! And lots of plants because they're just great to have around
scatmandingo · 6 days ago
Congrats! A word of advice: go and introduce yourself to your neighbors right away and write down all their names. It’s awesome having neighbors that are friends but introducing yourself gets awkward after you’ve been there a while.
xlaxxine · 6 days ago
This calls for an AIR GUITAR.!!!
Congratulations :D
cakelover · 6 days ago
Good for you mate!
jingle · 7 hours ago
So awesome! Congratulations!!