mialinay · 4 days ago
Talking political? Cuz yeah
funkmasterrex · 4 days ago
That's life.
xlaxxine · 4 days ago
Guys it's CIA
xvarnah · 3 days ago
What post?
funkmasterrex · 3 days ago
<_< >_> nothing happened.
creativedragonbaby · 3 days ago
Well, post comments aren’t really the place to have deep discussions. If a post doesn’t do well, it gets deleted eventually.
scatmandingo · 2 days ago
I have posts that didn’t do well and hung around for a couple of years. FS’s user base has gotten hypersensitive to anything that could be considered a serious topic. If it’s not cute fish, birds, or sketches no one wants to deal with it.
xvarnah · 2 days ago
... and then there's me out here talking about/making posts about racism, police, riots, politics, China, pedophiles, lbtq, rape, abuse, suicide, depression, anxiety, censorship, etc. And also snakes and cats/dogs ofc.
creativedragonbaby · 2 days ago
I think it’s the way you go about it that decides if people like it or not
funkmasterrex · 2 days ago
I like how you just slipped in China.
xvarnah · 2 days ago
Sadly I failed to break its neck on the way down
xlaxxine · 2 days ago
@xvarnah is CIA confirmed
xvarnah · 2 days ago
Haha no, thank god. It's probably for the best I'm not working for any government agency or I'd probably have already somehow started WW3.
I'm just really fed up and disgusted with their antics right now, and really sad for Hong Kong. But that has the propensity for me to hijack this entire thread, and I wasn't trying to do that
mialinay · 2 days ago
The problem isn't how well your posts are doing. I've adressed this before. Political posts are being removed per se.
mialinay · 2 days ago
Even though there's still nothing in the rules about it. The only rule that might forbid political posts is "Submit only fun and entertaining images/videos"
And mine were just making fun of a politician. But I mean...we're making fun of other persons too. Why not politicians? I still don't get it.
scatmandingo · 2 days ago
It would be helpful to know how a post gets deleted. Is it automatically removed after a certain number of reports or does SuperDave review and make a decision. Anyone know?
mialinay · 2 days ago
I quote SuperDave:
SuperDave · 5 weeks ago
"In my opinion political posts are always going to bring negative vibes, that's why we should stay away from those. I'll add it to the rules."
xvarnah · 2 days ago
That's weird. I've posted what could easily be considered political posts and generally they stay up. At least as far as I know... I haven't seen a notification about them being removed in a long time, but it's possible they were after a few weeks and I just didn't notice.
Still... literally any of the BLM posts, not to mention all the posts mocking Trump could be defined as "political" and they've stayed up as well.
SuperDave in that conversation did say it was more of a case by case thing as well I think? Maybe I'm remembering wrong.
My next theory would be people are reporting your posts... but I know there's more than a few people on here who really despise my posts and downvote many of them, so I can only imagine they'd also be inclined to report as well.
Basically this was my long-winded way of saying I don't know