Soo is FunSub dead now?
by f__kyeahhamburg · 11 comments 3 weeks ago
mikriarktos · 3 weeks ago
Until the submitting gets fixed I guess
SuperDave · 3 weeks ago
working on it
karlboll · 3 weeks ago
Internet operator CenturyLink is having a bad day, Cloudflare use them as a service provider and Funsub runs on Cloudflare so everyone's just have a bad day all round today.
nelson · 3 weeks ago
It’s back
f__kyeahhamburg · 3 weeks ago
carl · 3 weeks ago
I'm glad you posted this, I just assumed all of the posters took a collective day off
nicklebackman · 3 weeks ago
I was gonna ask the same thing, there wasn’t a post for 13 hours yesterday
karlboll · 3 weeks ago
Thank gods, I was getting a back log.
hyperion · 3 weeks ago
I can come back. Work has me busy.
But I try.
lolcats121 · 3 weeks ago
This site has been on life support for a long time lol
SuperDave · 3 weeks ago
Thank you for still supporting !