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cakelover · 3 weeks ago
I second Umbrella Academy
Also if you have Amazon Prime, The Boys is pretty heckin' good as well
scatmandingo · 3 weeks ago
Cobra Kai
Tiger King
The West Wing
Series of Unfortunate Events
Parks and Rec
The Office
Legend of Korea
Tiny Creatures (You have to see this to believe it exists)
captainjackharknes · 3 weeks ago
The Magicians
daxanddevin · 3 weeks ago
jokur_and_batmon · 3 weeks ago
Madam Secretary, Warrior Nuns, Charmed, iZombie, and Blacklist are my top picks
abusername · 3 weeks ago
She-ra and sense 8 are amazing
night_owl · 3 weeks ago
Dirk gently's holistic detective agency is like a spiritual predecessor to umbrella academy
demryn · 3 weeks ago
Penny Dreadfull
captainjackharknes · 3 weeks ago
...have none of you seen the Magicians?
gummy · 3 weeks ago
Kingdom (zombies, historical)
jokur_and_batmon · 3 weeks ago
I have @captainjackharkness but you’ve already said it so
firewood · 3 weeks ago
Merlin- magic, fantasy its about King Arthur and the round table honestly underrated
changetheworld · 3 weeks ago
I second @firewood. Merlin is underrated. Get past the first few episodes and you'll get into it. Also, Warehouse 13 is a great fantasy meets mystery meets comedy show. Troll Hunters and Avatar (the Last Airbender) are great too, if you aren't above watching "kid" shows.
scatmandingo · 3 weeks ago
Is Warehouse 13 on Netflix now? I’ve been wanting to watch that again.
changetheworld · 3 weeks ago
I checked and it is DVD only. That sucks, my hubby and I wanted to watch it again too :(.
scatmandingo · 3 weeks ago
You raised my hopes to the clouds before dashing them on the rocks of despair. An emotional rollercoaster to be sure.
changetheworld · 2 weeks ago
@scatmandingo Warehouse 13 is on peacock tv for free!
scatmandingo · 2 weeks ago
Dang it, I use Roku and Peacock isn’t available. My soul is again kicked in the nuts.
changetheworld · 2 weeks ago
Do you have a laptop or tablet? You can just go to the website and watch it on one of those devices. You could even put it on the TV with a HDMI cable or ChromeCast.
scatmandingo · 2 weeks ago
Can’t stand watching on a laptop or tablet but the HDMI cable off of my phone just might do the trick. Good thinking!