mikriarktos · 3 weeks ago
They're ugly as fuck and they're useless
jokur_and_batmon · 3 weeks ago
Pugs and chihuahuas are the ugliest/grossest breeds, but in general I have beef with any purse sized dog due to their generalized shitty behavior.
captainjackharknes · 3 weeks ago
I wished people would stop breeding pugs. They're so medically fucked up, just let them die out. Like, don't go killing pugs, but just... Stop letting them reproduce. Please.
mialinay · 3 weeks ago
I'm not quite sure if that's an unpopular opinion @hermionegranger
mialinay · 3 weeks ago
I also think it's just horrible to breed them to look "cute" and "funny" regardless of all the healthproblem that causes them.
There are retro pug breedees though. They basically breed them back to what the used to look like, mainly with a longer snout. And I fully support that.
mialinay · 3 weeks ago
I used to dogsit a pug. Her snoring with every breath she took was so awful.
mikriarktos · 3 weeks ago
The only cute small dogs are the sausage bois and girls
mrscollector · 3 weeks ago
No some are cute but the breathing omgod I can’t stand it
mialinay · 3 weeks ago
Oh, *breeders btw
darkness_within · 1 week ago
Our neighbour and good friend is a veterinarian. He told us that from time to time he has to intubate a dog, and they fucking hate it of course. Except... for pugs. Apparently some of them enjoy being able to take deep breaths more than they hate this thing in their nose. Breeding them that way is soooo fucked up...