cakelover · 3 weeks ago
You gone off the rails mate?
mialinay · 3 weeks ago
Are you tramsgender?
mrscollector · 3 weeks ago
Maybe they are tramscending to a higher plane of exsitence.
karlboll · 3 weeks ago
Agree, let cars drive under ground like morlocks in their tunnels while we travel the surface world.
captainjackharknes · 3 weeks ago
*wearing a dress*
I seem to have misread this post.
mr_pigeonwizard · 3 weeks ago
So, you're a tramsel in distress, Jack?
timebender25 · 3 weeks ago
*slipping on a pait of knee-high socks*
I did not misread the post, but I will use it as an excuse anyways.
flyingoctopus · 2 weeks ago
He's referring to the Wellington Tram I'd imagine.
karlboll · 2 weeks ago
*wears wellingtons under my dress*
@flyingoctopus Like this?