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mrscollector · 5 days ago
I been at least since 2013 maybe before that lol it’s been so dang long
coldpasta · 5 days ago
Been here since around October 2012..
I was new entrant in my job and this place was a great spot to unwind..life was pretty different back then
mrmuffins · 5 days ago
I remember the first year anniversary of FS. I was a guest for a while until I made an account to see the hidden posts.
captainjackharknes · 5 days ago
I was here since... Damn, I can't remember. I wanna say since around 2012 or 13??
lolcats121 · 5 days ago
I've been here since 2013 :)
mikriarktos · 5 days ago
Been here since 2010, I don't even remember how I found the site
xlaxxine · 5 days ago
Ive been here since this april :/
mialinay · 5 days ago
I thought fs is only 6/7 yrs old? :D
mialinay · 5 days ago
Anyhow I remember lurking since about 2013, took me a while to start interacting with people
mialinay · 5 days ago
At least I remember the 6th birthday and that can't have been more than 2 yrs ago
@SuperDave help?
mystic_walker · 5 days ago
you may be right, maybe im hink to far back and it didnt exist then.. not too sure. FS sold off though, it was way different, so perhaps the birthday was the sort of grand reopening?
mikriarktos · 5 days ago
I think it's from 2008/9 unless I'm mistaking lol
mialinay · 4 days ago
Na it only sold off two years ago I think
mialinay · 4 days ago
Okay Zeus last comment was 2 years ago, and his very first post was 8 years ago. Helps at least a little I guess. Damn time flies.
mrscollector · 4 days ago
How do you find out when you first commented?
mrscollector · 4 days ago
No lol took a long as time but I found it the first response I made on the first day on this site lol it was in 2014 6yrs ago. Dang that was forever ago lol my kid was just 7 yrs old wow lol she is 13 now.
xlaxxine · 4 days ago
mialinay · 4 days ago
You didn't seriously scroll thorugh all your 12.5k comments for that
mrscollector · 4 days ago
Lmfao no I skimmed it by editing the numbers on the address lol My dyslexia wouldn’t allow me to do that lmfao
mialinay · 4 days ago
Oh lord. I also found my very first comment haha.