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adam44 · 12 hours ago
True. Also, I am appalled. A seizure? Without the proper procedure? For shame you two.
demryn · 11 hours ago
Now we went from headphones to carrots in your ass/ears to karkarot. I'm wondering were this will go
blazingfrags · 10 hours ago
Maybe all vegeta-bles?
adam44 · 10 hours ago
Eggplants included. We can't forgot about the Eggplant.
funkmasterrex · 10 hours ago
fuck eggplants.
adam44 · 10 hours ago
The eggplants mother tried.
captainjackharknes · 6 hours ago
Mmm carrot cake
demryn · 5 hours ago
Carrot cake with karkarot?
captainjackharknes · 5 hours ago
Guess what I did?
blazingfrags · 4 hours ago
blazingfrags · 4 hours ago
captainjackharknes · 4 hours ago
*you lose video game message thing*
blazingfrags · 4 hours ago
You won....but at what cost????
captainjackharknes · 3 hours ago
catfluff · 2 hours ago
catfluff · 2 hours ago
But do they sound nice
captainjackharknes · 2 hours ago
They still gotta ship
captainjackharknes · 2 hours ago
But I decided on the venue noise cancelling headphones, which were on sale as well, because the ones I was gonna get, the coupon code expired.
adam44 · 2 hours ago
captainjackharknes · 9 minutes ago
If it makes anyone feel better, I at least cancelled my youtube premium...