riyriamistborn · 1 week ago
Seems like you read a lot. Have you tried looking into Brandon Sanderson's books?
xvarnah · 1 week ago
Idk anything about any of the things you've brought up, I just stopped by to say your posts are very wholesome
bensen · 1 week ago
Haven’t heard of him might look next time I’m at the bookshop. Reading is my favourite thing btw and thank you for saying it’s wholesome- is that a good thing? :)
riyriamistborn · 1 week ago
Sanderson is a great author, and one of my favorites. A lot of his books take place in a connected universe called the Cosmere, but you can also read the series separately.
If you're looking for some magic zombies and politics, read Elantris.
Heist, romance, and rebellion? Read Mistborn
Magic colors and gods that don't believe in their own religion? Read Warbreaker. Also has a talking sword belonging to a socially awkward grumpy hobo.
Want a world with magic swords and armor, doomsday, fighting against an evil god, giant crustaceans, and representation of poc, LGBT, autism, depression, PTSD and other mental illnesses, and history going back several thousand years? Check out The Way of Kings.