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risingflames · 2 weeks ago
It seems to be working normally on my phone (android 10, opera browser)
adam44 · 2 weeks ago
I'm still having issues. I can't like at all and I can only comment if I open the post in a new page. I'm getting bored of this site.
xlaxxine · 2 weeks ago
Its working for me on. Chrome but not on safari
mrfahrenheit · 2 weeks ago
Adam, what are you using it on
scatmandingo · 2 weeks ago
I’m Chrome on IOS and I can’t use the like or comment buttons at all.
adam44 · 2 weeks ago
xlaxxine · 2 weeks ago
Also, anybody using the app??? I was considering downloading it
mr_pigeonwizard · 2 weeks ago
The Android version of the app was removed from play store a couple of years ago for some reason, the IOS version might still be around
xvarnah · 2 weeks ago
I got so used to clicking into the posts I didn't even realize you could use the comments again until last night
karlboll · 2 weeks ago
Mine started working the other day.
SuperDave · 2 weeks ago
which devices you are having issues with ? We tested PC and Mobile and they work fine.
xlaxxine · 2 weeks ago
Okay look Dave, on ios when i go to the notif menu, the "new reply to chat" works but "new comment on" doesn't work.
I double checked and am now posting this
xlaxxine · 2 weeks ago
And yea its totally fine on android
scatmandingo · 2 weeks ago
iOS 14.4 with latest Chrome and Safari updates. In both upvote, downvote, and share buttons work but comment buttons are completely non-functional. It doesn’t seem to recognize them as hyperlinks at all because the context menu to open in new tab doesn’t appear with a tap and hold.
scatmandingo · 2 weeks ago
I amend my previous statement. The context menu is appearing in Chrome and allowing me to open in new tab. Pop up blocker setting is off.
jasonmon · 2 weeks ago
I use a Galaxy S10e with Android 11. Post Up/Downvotes and Comment links stopped working about a month ago. I switched to Duckduckgo, and everything worked great until a week or so ago, and the same things broke: the three buttons to the bottom-right of every post on the main page. Chrome remains broken.
dr_richard_ew · 2 weeks ago
It's been broken for me too. Samsung galaxy a5, standard internet app. I didnt say anything until now bc I thought it would be fixed eventually, but here I am
alekazam · 2 weeks ago
iPhone XS, safari. Only way to access comments is opening another tab. Also upvote/downvote for posts doesn’t appear to work.
adam44 · 2 weeks ago
I'm on Samsung S10. To be fair, my phone sucks. Lol
scatmandingo · 2 weeks ago
Comments are working for me again