cryoenthusiast · 2 weeks ago
um... you're welcome?
jasonmon · 2 weeks ago
I'm glad you hung in there! Hard things can happen out of the blue, and losing someone close will always hurt but, as you found out, life gets better. I'm happy you and your bf have each other. Congratulations :) Thanks for checking in with us!
iccarus · 2 weeks ago
no posts, no comments, just random chat, you're welcome?
mia_linay · 2 weeks ago
Did you have a chat here before? ^^'
jasonmon · 2 weeks ago
She unexpectedly lost her fiancee and was struggling, and several of us talked her through it.
sb_alyssa · 2 weeks ago
yall helped me out alot thank you
millie · 1 week ago