mr_pigeonwizard · 2 weeks ago
Ooh, icecream, sounds like it's well deserved
bensen · 2 weeks ago
We’re going to cold rock where they put lollies in your icecream
Dad and I are getting special shakes if they’re available- the lady wouldn’t give us them last time :(
bensen · 2 weeks ago
Oh and an update- I’m now reading Uncle John Bathroom Reader’s book iFlush- it looks like fun!
mr_pigeonwizard · 2 weeks ago
Sounds delicious, and the book seems really fun
xvarnah · 2 weeks ago
That's great - hope it's good :)
karlboll · 2 weeks ago
Lollies in ice-cream! What will they think of next?
bensen · 2 weeks ago
The book had very fun activities- I first missed it and loved it!
I had a caramel milkshake and Dad had a little cup of ice cream. Then he took me to Hungry Jack’s for lunch!
Reading Comics Confidential now- donating it to the library once I’m done!
bensen · 2 weeks ago
I’m now reading Uncle John’s “The Enchanted Toilet”- I love uncle John :)
xlaxxine · 2 weeks ago
Aw man caramel milkshake ;_; ...want it.
Also jesus christ Bensen, do keep count of how many books you've read?? Like 100, 1000 ,10000000000 iwannna know
bensen · 2 weeks ago
I have no idea but I know it’s a lot!
I’m reading Uncle John’s Actual and factual now :)
Must have read at least a million books over my lifetime :O And I’m only 22... :O
xlaxxine · 2 weeks ago
⊙~⊙ Bensen, calm down.
snowbeast · 1 week ago
I don't know about enchanted toilets, but my toilet is haunted
bensen · 1 week ago
There’s actually a book about that! It’s called “The Haunted Outhouse” :O