risingflames · 1 week ago
Everyone should just learn how LongBeachGriffy does it and become immune to cancel culture
xlaxxine · 1 week ago
spookykink58 · 1 week ago
Eminem is not cancelled and even the news itself is old news now.
Also this is not some fucking Gen-Z, I don't what kind of weird validation people get by playing the "different than other people/born in the wrong generation" card, but it's cringey af (I am not talking about you, just the situation in general). They were gunning for him even back when he started. So this is clearly not a Gen- Z thing.
And it wasn't even like a full fledged cancel campaign, it was just a bunch of TikTok teenagers doing what they do and then another bunch of people on Tiktok picked it up and made it whole Gen-Z is this and Millennial is superior and Eminem is God. Basically Millennials acting like boomers.
Look, Eminem is a Goat and lord knows he deserves his share of respect in the world of Hip-hop. The first three albums are pure fucking gold and nothing can change that, but the man needs to relax now. Granted his last album was a massive improvement than Revival, so maybe he can pull him
spookykink58 · 1 week ago
-self back and if he does, hopefully he leaves the arena on a high note.
omar1992 · 1 week ago
Yeah, Em is a legend. I want Slim Shady back to make "Just Lose It" again but with new celebrities who fucked up. Kevin Spacey, Jussie Smulliet, Bill Cosby, Weinstein etc....