bensen · 1 week ago
I mean real within the context of the show ;)
mrscollector · 1 week ago
Another fun fact about Happy Days
The main family the Cunningham's actually has 3 kids.
2 boys and a girl.
His name was Chuck
But after mid way through season 1 Chuck went to college and was never seen or mentioned again.
mrscollector · 1 week ago
O and you can thank Fonzie for him being written out.
“The Fonz” was such a popular side character that people wrote in saying they wanted more of him so they wrote Chuck out and made Fonzie like a big brother to Richie and Joanie
scatmandingo · 1 week ago
If I remember correctly it wasn’t hallucinations it was the imagination of an autistic child.
bensen · 1 week ago
He actually went upstairs to play basketball and never came down :O
bensen · 1 week ago
It was actually him imagining what happens to people inside a snow globe ;)
mrscollector · 1 week ago
The explanation was he went to college but yes that last time he was seen was going upstairs with his basketball.
Also a bit of fact after Happy Days when ever a show just erases a character it is called “Chuck Cunningham Syndrome”
It actually happens often.
Rosanne return show Conners they erased Aunt Jackie’s Son and Dan and Rosanne’s 4th kid Jerry which they said was on an Oil rig than never mentioned again.
Boy Meets world did briefly get rid of the sister she went up the stairs and didn’t return for years.
Family Matters lost a sister
That 70’s Show Donna had a little sister named Tina
Don’t even ask about Save by the Bell lol it had TONS
Golden girls
Full House
Married with Children
Honestly the list can go on and on.
Sometimes its the character wasnt working right, sometimes the actor was bad, or there was just to many story lines to follow, or sometimes sadly the actor died. In case of death they usually just say they died off screen and never bring them up.