mrscollector · 4 days ago
I have a question how old are you?
dash224 · 4 days ago
bensen · 4 days ago
Maybe she has something going on in her own life to make her act this way?
just a thought
Hope things go well for you friend :)
mrscollector · 3 days ago
Do you live with her? Or do you live on your own?
mrscollector · 3 days ago
Sorry for asking I’m just trying to get in the mindset of your mom and you.
dash224 · 2 days ago
Live alone, and just visiting
bensen · 2 days ago
Sorry to hear that hope things will get better :)
mrscollector · 2 days ago
Ok so here is my theory.
You are at that age where it’s hard for her to treat you like an adult yet you are at that age where you feel you are an adult but also gee like a kid pretending to be an adult.
When I was 22 I was newly married and pregnant. My mom was always on my case about one thing or another as if I didn’t know how to be an adult. So I hated being around her. I remember she asked us for a month to drive her to work and it was a town over in Texas so gas even though it was like 2-3 bucks still cost a bit for us to drive her there and than drive back and than drive there to get her after work and drive back. But when I told her the money she gave for gas is used up and she needed to pay again she acted like we didn’t k ow how to manage a car.
We only used the car to go 4 blocks over to buy groceries so we factored in what we use for our self and pay as we always do.
But it’s like I said she just didn’t know how to treat me as an adult.
mrscollector · 2 days ago
Now she is gone I wish she was here even if it was just to annoy me or fight with me.
There is a saying we say in my family when one is move away or is going to pass away. You can’t go who will I fight with lol.
Because we know we may fight and argue but we never stop loving each other.
That part of you that feels bad for feeling like you do is that part. You can be right yet still feel bad and that’s because you feel you hurt someone you care about.
dash224 · 1 day ago
Thank you for the advice! I know I need to work harder