general_failure · 4 weeks ago
Just 8 of 20 "most fun posters" have more than 9 upvotes. Hell, even -I- hit the 20 "most fun commenters" with a rumbling 4 upvotes. What's doing?
theukuleleist · 4 weeks ago
I can confirm, i am bot *beep boop*
general_failure · 4 weeks ago
I meant to write 8 of 20 "most fun commenters" having 10+ upvotes... this is sort of Westworld - and we all know who the gunslinger is lol
catfluff · 4 weeks ago
Am bot too *mewp moop*
nicengelman · 4 weeks ago
I'm going to reference the more modern Westworld, with "these violent delights have violent ends"
nelson · 4 weeks ago
*beep *boop cease your investigations