ignorance · 4 weeks ago
You hear that silence beth?
It seems that there aren't many people left on this site anymore. I'll admit that I wasn't here for the site's hay day. But even I, a newcomer, can see the aproaching final days. We will die not with a bang, but with a wimper. Enjoy those 200 upvotes beth
dr_richard_ew · 4 weeks ago
I've said it a thousand times over and I'll say it again; one of these days I'll come into the site and be the only one here. It'll be like walking around an empty shopping mall, checking out all the places where people used to roam, might ride a shopping cart, go into SuperDave's office, all that fun stuff.
...But seriously I'll miss this place once it officially dies out
carbonatedwaffles · 4 weeks ago
I wanna find a way to somehow archive the entire website one day because of that, like an emulation almost
flyingoctopus · 4 weeks ago
Honestly yeah, I was here for a while, then I guess I kinda just drifted, there's not many people here, I think many left, only some openly stated they were leaving
captainjackharknes · 4 weeks ago
There's a site that automatically has been archiving the internet, called the Wayback machine