Watching my royal tenenbaums DVD :)
by bensen · 8 comments 3 days ago
bensen · 4 days ago
Reading my mad classics mag I got from the newsagents the other day
bensen · 4 days ago
Reading a second mad classics
bensen · 4 days ago
Reading my mad predicts the future magazine
bensen · 4 days ago
Watching my first laurel and hardy set DVD called brats busy bodies and the midnight patrol
famousone · 4 days ago
Gonna level with you, friend. I haven't heard of any of these things. Would you recommend them? Also I'm about to sleep so sorry if you respond and I don't get back for a bit
bensen · 3 days ago
First one (royal tennambaums) I wouldn’t really recommend as it isn’t very wholesome and upset me a bit
Then Mad magazine is a parody magazine that was pretty much the fun of the internet before the internet existed! Would heartily recommend
Laurel and Hardy are an old comedy team that cheers me up when I’m down-would definitely recommend!
Also now reading Otaku magazine which is an American anime review magazine that is internationally shipped to my local newsagents!
Hope this helps :)
famousone · 3 days ago
bensen · 3 days ago
You’re welcome :D