Movie trade corner.
by dilimsartius87 · 18 comments 2 weeks ago
dilimsartius87 · 3 weeks ago
Hello and thank you for sharing some of your time to come to this corner of the site. I made this Chat thread so that we can 'trade' movie names, of under rated and not well known movies, from the west of the world to east and watch them. (Give our opinions on the movie itself too if we feel like ranting about it or just want to complement it.)
adam44 · 3 weeks ago
Okay that's a cool idea. I have one that comes to mind quite quickly. Transmorphers 2007.
dilimsartius87 · 3 weeks ago
Noroi the Curse (2005). Horror, Mystery, Tragedy.
Country: Japan
Thoughts: My favorite Japanese Horror movie (As of now at least). It has that eastern horror movie flavor and the acting and directing is just amazing; you can really feel the terror of the supernatural and the unknown from how it is made. I suggest not watching this alone as watching a movie like this deserves watching it with others.
dilimsartius87 · 3 weeks ago
@adam44 Hey I've watched that movie! My cousin used to buy these Pirate CD's from the market and he bought the movie while drunk and thought it was the transforms movie. He was disappointed when he found out it wasn't the transformers movie but I wasn't complaining lol
adam44 · 3 weeks ago
Lol I wish I was drunk when I saw it. That movie was terrible. It is literally the worst movie I've ever seen and I've made sure many people I know saw it as well. Haha
dilimsartius87 · 3 weeks ago
It is terrible. I think the only reason it was made was because of Transformers and many people then were hungry for a sci-fi robot movie.
betterthanyou · 3 weeks ago
Wristcutters: A Love Story
The Way Way Back
Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999)
adam44 · 3 weeks ago
It was entertainingly terrible though. The rain cutting out the dialogue of an entire scene, the horrible CGI. It makes your eyes bleed.
I haven't heard of those three. What are they about?
dilimsartius87 · 3 weeks ago
@adam44 Lmao I agree. It's one of those movie's where you're watching it in the middle and just think 'What the hell am I watching?'
@betterthanyou here's your part of the trade.
Let me in (2005)
A breath away (2018)
Blood Red Sky (2021)
dr_richard_ew · 3 weeks ago
Flatland (2004 or 2005, can't remember): Not an amazing movie, but its really cool to watch when you're a fan of mindfuck stuff. The whole premise is a person living in the second dimension meeting a member of the third dimension
dilimsartius87 · 2 weeks ago
@dr_richard_ew Apologies for the late reply
Inhuman Kiss (2019): Man Falls In Love With a Girl's Flying Head that Devours Human Flesh. It's an ok movie, also very tragic.
Thai Movie
calvinoot · 2 weeks ago
I recommend Wolfwalkers (2020)! Gorgeoussss artstyle, honestly it was so breathtaking to look at.
dilimsartius87 · 2 weeks ago
@calvinoot Here's your trade!
Two Tigers (2019)
Chinese Movie
I highly, highly, highly! Recommend all of you to watch this. I actually saw this just 5 months back ,and it was dubbed in my language, and it was half way from finishing. But just the half of what I watched captured all my attention.
I don't want to spoil too much but the gist of it is that a desperate man kidnaps a wealthy businessman and plans to let him go in return for a sum of money. The businessman proposes to pay him instead if he does three things for him. And this is the start of a weird, funny, and emotional journey with the two.
I cannot stress enough how good this movie is. I haven't cried since 4th grade and I couldn't help but shed a tear when I watched this from start to finish.
dilimsartius87 · 2 weeks ago
I'm thinking of expanding this chat to include topics like drama and music. What do you guys think?
adam44 · 2 weeks ago
You have my interest with Two Tigers.
Those sound good. Music especially. I'm always interested in finding new music to listen to.
dilimsartius87 · 2 weeks ago
@adam44 I don't know if you're to love the movie as much as me but I at least think you're going to like it.
Here's a few music that I recommend.
These four are Filk music (Folk music of science fiction fandom)
On a bright wind 05 - Man of War
Dawsons Christian
Ballad of a spaceman - By Julia Ecklar
Pushin the speed of light - Also bt Julia Ecklar
Ry Cooder - Canción Mixteca - I heard this from "Paris, Texas" movie. Recommend you watch it by the way.
Tokyo Police Club - Bambi
Bronze Radio Return - Ready To Go
Bronze Radio Return - Shake, Shake, Shake
Electric Guess - Troubleman
Beach House - On the Sea (I prefer the slowed version of this)
All add some more later. If you have a genre that you prefer you can tell me and I'll see what I have to offer. I listen to pretty much everything, from Metal to symphonies, you name it.
dilimsartius87 · 2 weeks ago
Kiri - Monoral
Chaos Chaos - do you feel it
Of Monsters and Men - Your Bones
Arcade Fire - Wake Up
Stay Alive - Jose Gonzales
El Condor Pasa - Simon & Garfunkel
For the Love of Life - David Sylvian
Only for you - The Heartless Bastards
Low Hum - Comatose
O mio babbino caro
Si tu vois ma mère - Sidney Bechet
Experience - Ludovico Einaudi
Your Guardian Angel - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
King - Lauren Aquilina
Last Kiss - Pearl Jam
Soldier of Love - Pearl Jam
Behind Blue Eyes - The Who
Lost Kitten - Metric
Pale Horse - Smashing Pumpkins
Lucky Girl - Fazerdaze
Dream Girl - Teenage Blue
Rhapsody (of Fire) - Dawn of Victory
Rhapsody - Thunder's Mighty Roar
Nightwish - Storytime
Peter Paul & Mary - Puff The Magic Dragon
Into the West - Annie Lennox
dilimsartius87 · 2 weeks ago
Drive Angry. Nicholas cage movie