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knockdown209 · 3 weeks ago
Idek how long ive been here haha, barely active anymore though
shiftingsands · 3 weeks ago
I joined in 2014 with my first account Chad about 2 others, not including this one, since then
shiftingsands · 3 weeks ago
memesgobrrr · 3 weeks ago
im somewhat new
shurikkaru · 3 weeks ago
The problem with the site has been going so long that the fresh page doesn’t even show content anymore.
changetheworld · 3 weeks ago
I think I've been here since 2011, so 10 years, but I didn't make an account right away.
shurikkaru · 3 weeks ago
lol the website went live in 2012 I think. So it’s only been around 9 years I’m pretty sure maybe almost 10?
changetheworld · 3 weeks ago
@shurikkaru I checked, and we're both partly right. It did go live in early 2012 (my bad, I remembered that I started visiting the site in college, but apparently not until the second semester). But the beginning of 2012 to end of 2021 is still 10 years. :)
shurikkaru · 3 weeks ago
Just about yeah. Lol I always gauge it based on the first post on the site. What’s the earliest trend for the site you remember? When I showed up it was all about mgoviea commenting on everything. For some reason they were making memes over it.
strawberrymoon · 3 weeks ago
Dying at @shurikkaru using JLs nudes to figure out the passage of time
changetheworld · 3 weeks ago
Hm I don't know, there has been a lot that has happened over the past decade. I honestly only came for the memes at first, and wasn't involved in the community part at all. It took me a little while to realize people "knew" each other through the comments. One of the earliest things I remember was how much people hated guest commenters.
shurikkaru · 2 weeks ago
Oooh yeah I remember the big push to get guest commenters to make accounts, there was one who made an account revolving around a weiner dog because as a guest that’s what they had commented on where people had convinced them to make an account
captainjackharknes · 2 weeks ago
I used to be a trend...
metalman · 2 weeks ago
The pterodactyl thing was a "trend".
Mgoveia and his brony antics was a trend.
We had a lot of drama for a while so I don't remember all the trends from that time. We had several daily doses of something or other. We had one user publicly pass away from cancer iirc.
It's been a wild ride ngl
xvarnah · 2 weeks ago
Another user commited suicide.
shurikkaru · 2 weeks ago
Ah yes the dinosaur thing. And I wasn’t aware we had a user commit suicide. I vaguely remember the cancer loss but I feel bad that I can’t remember it to thoroughly. I do remember drama was happening but I was kinda confused the whole time, some people where downvoting people to hell, I remember seeing my comments tank lol, something about organized attacks on kik or something?
aphelion · 2 weeks ago
Just checking in, I've been here since 2013, just had a name change half way.
metalman · 2 weeks ago
I don't remember what they were fighting over, shows how trivial the shit was in the end. I do remember the negative bombing of comments and all that. Twas the wild west in those days
catfluff · 2 weeks ago
Who committed suicide again? I know smitty passed from cancer...
shiftingsands · 2 weeks ago