dr_richard_ew · 3 weeks ago
Especially you @bensen, I wanna hear about it :D
dr_richard_ew · 3 weeks ago
My parents went so much more overboard than I wanted them to this year, I got Metroid Dread, a new Switch controller, the PS5 pulse headphones, many clothing items I needed, a gorgeous pair of Persona 5 Tarot Cards from my sister, Demon Souls on PS5, and an entire freaking TV. Only thing missing from my list was Valdas Spire of Secrets for DND (which is understandable bc that was a preorder), but I think the other stuff more than makes up for it
blazingfrags · 3 weeks ago
ignorance · 3 weeks ago
I got a pony!
mrfahrenheit · 3 weeks ago
500 dollars, a pair of socks, and some underwear! which is good because money was tight for me, work hadn't been giving me as many hours as I needed
scatmandingo · 3 weeks ago
My kids got me the same book I bought for them two months ago. So now I can read it while I read it.
bensen · 3 weeks ago
Lots of good books and toys :D
karlboll · 3 weeks ago
Mostly sweets and some shower products from my brother and his family. Me and sis pooled our resources and gave gift certificates to the homeless shelters and a bottle of wine to our closest. It was a good Xmas. Got to spend some time with dad and talked a lot with my niece and nephew.
mrfahrenheit · 3 weeks ago
oh also i got into a fight! (not with family)
bensen · 3 weeks ago
Ooh :O tell me more :p
memesgobrrr · 3 weeks ago
got a gaming headset and an xbox live gold renewal, plus shitload of candy
xlaxxine · 3 weeks ago
A wicked laptop.
thefandomisrising · 3 weeks ago
A couple gift cards and a Nintendo switch game.
creativedragonbaby · 3 weeks ago
I got some new metal D&D dice, a book, and some stuff I asked for, which was really good
lydia · 3 weeks ago
I didn't get any expensive gifts, but I finally moved out!
memesgobrrr · 3 weeks ago
thats probably better than gifts! good job