lillithbelatrix · 3 weeks ago
Also i posted this recently but it says 5 hours ago?
creativedragonbaby · 3 weeks ago
Well, it seems to be on life support right now. Nothing is happening, so who knows when the plug will be pulled
ignorance · 3 weeks ago
It's not possible to post stuff at the moment
scatmandingo · 3 weeks ago
Probably hard to get technical support contractors during the holidays.
general_failure · 3 weeks ago
I could imagine the server might be affected by the Log4J bug so the uploading routine could pose a risk to the server integrity. Maybe it's been switched off on purpose to close that hole until a solution is found. Which is obviously way less banal than clearing a bit of storage which would be another likely cause for what we're seeing here. It's been more than a week... what tech support contractors are off for more than a week?
memesgobrrr · 3 weeks ago
someone should post an invite to the discord servers
creativedragonbaby · 3 weeks ago
Bruh I already did but here ya go again
First one is unofficial, second one is official. :3
memesgobrrr · 3 weeks ago
im usually active on it and i post shitloads of memes
that_creepy_guy · 3 weeks ago
Have we heard anything from SuperDave lately or are we just in the dark?
creativedragonbaby · 3 weeks ago
Yes, unofficial is superior kekw