karlboll · 4 weeks ago
I know it seems scary, I was terrified when my parents broke up and everything changed. But partners who've been together for a long time often need some time apart to remember who they are without one another. Your parents seem like good people who care deeply about you. Talk to them and tell them you're worried.
catfluff · 4 weeks ago
That is extremely good advice from @karlboll bensen. Sometimes the best thing is to openly discuss these feelings and fears with them even though it might be scary. In the meantime knoq we are here for you and sending you all the hugs.
general_failure · 4 weeks ago
Do it like karlboll and catfluff said, and be open with your parents. You can be sure your parents know this will be difficult for you, they will understand that you are confused and even a little bit scared. The best in any situation is always to be open with your feelings to the ones you love. Because they love you too and want the best possible for you. Their life is going to change but not their love for you. You three need to find a way to deal with the new situation and together you will make it happen.
bensen · 4 weeks ago
Mum and dad don’t like each other very much but want me to be happy :)
I love you guys you’re like my little family