johe · 10 weeks ago
There iS a channel that always cheers me up: grand illusions! Its about toys, it has a lovely old man talking about them and showing them. I like the older ones but the new videos are nice too!
johe · 10 weeks ago
Oh and I like watching gibbons when Im sad. The are soo sweet!!
general_failure · 10 weeks ago
I love Korean cuisine and that lead me to Maangchi - and she is cheering me up any time. She is so cute and friendly it's alway^s so joyful to watch her videos - but it always makes me very very hungry :-)
general_failure · 10 weeks ago
Oh, and theres the Cutest Puppy City channel... - as the name says.-..
snowbeast · 10 weeks ago
Another food one from me, I adore Souped Up Rebukers. The channel owner Mandy is adorable
I also like the channel Kurzgesagt. They have interesting, educational videos with a consistently positive spin and fun animations
typow777 · 10 weeks ago
Ted Ed is my favorite channel. Such cool content. Next would be tiny desk. Both genuine channels that are sure to brighten your day
catfluff · 10 weeks ago
Primitive technology is always a fascinating one to watch!
bensen · 10 weeks ago
The nostalgia critic always cheers me up :) may try those channels out in future :)