catfluff · 51 weeks ago
Keyboard frits out and it's just this website
LG G7 thinq
catfluff · 51 weeks ago
catfluff · 51 weeks ago
SuperDave · 50 weeks ago
Hello, let me see what I can do !
catfluff · 50 weeks ago
Thank you!
SuperDave · 50 weeks ago
Hello catfluff, this comes from my developer.
Hi Dave. I checked it out but I couldn't find anything out of order. I tested on Firefox and I was able to post fine and type fine. The chat textbox worked, as well as commenting. I also didn't notice anyone else post the issue. I'm wondering if maybe his computer is lagging/slow and maybe it's an issue with the javascript loads eating his memory or something? Whatever it is, it seems it specific to him.
catfluff · 48 weeks ago
Hey @SuperDave, thanks! It's on my phone and it seems that th memory thing worked. Befuk, thanks!
SuperDave · 47 weeks ago
Glad to hear it worked. ;)