guest_ · 4 weeks ago
Im excited for you Bensen! Sailor moon is a classic, and there are plenty of episodes, spin offs, reboots, movies and more if you end up liking it that you shouldn’t run out of content for awhile. Have fun and enjoy, as far as pretty character designs and costumes and art the show has plenty and changes things up here and there so you get to see a lot of different looks for the characters. There are also some great jokes and a good story that can be a bit of a soap opera at times but should be a fun time! Have you gotten far enough to meet all the other sailor scouts yet?
bensen · 3 weeks ago
Only seen episode 1- will watch the others soon enough :P cat is pretty
happy_frog · 3 weeks ago
Oh nice. Like @guest_ said, it's a classic. I'm actually watching it now, too, in German haha.