karlboll · 3 weeks ago
I can understand why, I was scared for my back surgery. I'm sure things will go fine though, surgeons are highly trained and it's a fairly routine procedure.
When I met my surgeon he said "I like doing this" and looked like he caught himself saying something he shouldn't have. That made me really calm because it seemed like he was just this really big nerd who loves his job. I think a lot of them are like that, just really big nerds who are determined to do the absolute best job they can to fix us up.
snowbeast · 3 weeks ago
I understand that you are nervous, but cataract surgery is routine nowadays. You are going to see so clearly afterwards!! Can you practice some deep breathing visualization techniques to help you relax?
nicengelman · 3 weeks ago
Along with numbing your eyes to where you can't feel anything, they'll give you an oral medicine to help you calm down, so once it's time for the actual procedure, I promise you won't even care at all.
general_failure · 3 weeks ago
The folks are right: it's a standard operation and really low risk. My father had a cataract operation when he was 75 and everything went fine during and after the operation. He didn't even have to stay in the clinic after it. You'll be doing just fine!
bensen · 3 weeks ago
Mum said today my feeth looks bit brown so will have to see the dentist. Also got blood test for diabetes at the doctor tomorrow. S much to worry about :( :( :( thank you guys for caring- it means a lot :)