We're going to get a puppy in about six weeks!
by deleted · 4 comments 2 weeks ago
deleted · 2 weeks ago
Will be a Beagle. We're not sure how our senior (14 yo) will like it but it's kind of a now or never thing and we can't really deal with the idea of being without a dog any time soon. A house is not a home without a Beagle. Not sure if I'm going to be posting pics as we're a bit cautious with our privacy. Don't know yet if it's going to be a two or three color boy, and they look like little guinea pigs and have just opened their eyes. Pretty, pretty excited...
snowbeast · 2 weeks ago
How wonderful! We would love pics if possible :-)
nicengelman · 2 weeks ago
Post lots of pictures! I've had two beagles and they were so sweet it was crazy
deleted · 2 weeks ago
Ok, I'll post pics but won't disclose his name which is pretty unique ;-)