iondrako · 4 weeks ago
No clue on the sign up thing but most kinda just stopped posting/commenting. Then outside like 2 people still putting stuff up most posts are from bots. But yeah no clue what happened to everyone or if some just lerk.
cakelover · 4 weeks ago
Great question. I worry that the site is dying out. @SuperDave any chance we can get the sign-up feature fixed? Might be able to grow the user base again
shiftingsands · 4 weeks ago
The footfall isn't as high as it was years ago, when we used to get over 1000 likes on our posts.
happy_frog · 4 weeks ago
It might also have to do with the lack of QoL updates. The site's basically the same as it was when it first started 11 years ago.
metalman · 3 weeks ago
I gave up a while ago. I never did post pics much but I used to comment all the time. After a while I was just commenting into the ether as no one would respond or say anything. So I just moved on more or less.
blazingfrags · 3 weeks ago
Honestly actually feels like funsub has died out, i still check in once every week or so but otherwise there's no community left I never feel compelled to comment. I have a lot of memories with the site and love the people I've met on this site but unfortunately seems like this is it.
bruh · 3 weeks ago
The only name I remember here is @cakelover lol. I’m not gonna out what my old account was but maybe you remember the blank post titles era? Yeah I’m sorta catching what everyone else is saying here: community died and that’s just that. It’s super sad too, I remember posts getting thousands of likes, forming cliques and all that with other users. This site was such a bubble of fun, it wasn’t like the other meme sites that had an insane amount of users but it wasn’t small by any measure either. There were just enough genuinely funny and different types of people here to make it a place I would often visit. Sad to hear that it’s died out a bit.
SuperDave · 3 weeks ago
Hello guys, I had to disable the signups because we were getting a lot of spam accounts. I can enable that again to try and see if the spam accounts was resolved. Unfortunately people stopped commenting or posting. I'll be happy to see more movement here!
mrfahrenheit · 3 weeks ago
there's just not much going on, which means not many new users come and check it out, other than bots. with a change in how memes are consumed, watermarks don't drive people to new sites anymore
SuperDave · 3 weeks ago
Any suggestions?
happy_frog · 3 weeks ago
Well, it would be cool if we could upload vids, instead of having to link to Youtube. Speaking of uploads, raising the upload size limit would be nice too. 7.6 MB is fine for pics, but doesn't really allow for quality gifs. As for pics, would gallery uploads be possible?
catfluff · 3 weeks ago
I try to comment every day but am too busy to make posts