I'm the turd you think is a candy bar.

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Aww :( 9 comments
chocolatefeces · 2 days ago
I'm OK with Canada being the party dude
sdads 16 comments
chocolatefeces · 4 days ago
Vault Tek rep
I long for the woods, from this place I'll disappear 2 comments
chocolatefeces · 4 weeks ago
Those are called godrays
A cheetah, a zebra, and a tiger walk into a bar 4 comments
chocolatefeces · 5 weeks ago
... and they all ask for the manager.
A reminder 10 comments
chocolatefeces · 7 weeks ago
And sometimes, a delayed game is amazing, but then, months after release, enforces kernel level anti-cheating software that leaves the machine open to massive security vulnerabilities and performance drops.
Kitty, nooo! 5 comments
chocolatefeces · 7 weeks ago
I experienced something similar with my two dogs. After the older one passed away, the younger one would sit outside, scanning the area with absolute determination, hoping to see him walking back home from around the bend or down the street. She eventually stopped after long enough. Makes me wonder what animals think happened to their buddies after they die.
Fonts matter 3 comments
chocolatefeces · 9 weeks ago
It's funny. Sometimes, when you want something, and then finally get it, it's a disappointment and you realize wanting it was a waste of time. You should've been appreciative of what you already had. Case in point: moving from an okay apartment to a shitty apartment that you thought would be a better apartment.
Still the greatest show ever to grace my screen 1 comments
chocolatefeces · 9 weeks ago
If you haven't seen Band of Brothers, make it a priority.
The Kenyan Maasai people. After 9/11 they donated 14 cows to America. To the tribe the 27 comments
chocolatefeces · 9 weeks ago
I thought she was a giant Kenyan running down the mountain
This Solid-State battery contains 2.5x as much charge as lithium ion batteries at a 10 comments
chocolatefeces · 9 weeks ago
Can't wait for this to disappear from existence and never be used
Let's see 21 comments
chocolatefeces · 10 weeks ago
Cuter than my cousin in cowboy boots
Hope you like 5 comments
chocolatefeces · 11 weeks ago
That'd make for a really cool sleeve tattoo.
Look at these bros supporting Brendan! We all should support Brendan, he deserves it 2 comments
chocolatefeces · 11 weeks ago
I miss B Fras. He was hilarious (Bedazzled, Blast from the Past, Airheads), the Mummy movies were made at the exact time that appealed to me as a kid, he's an awesome dude. Wish he didn't disappear.
Ancient skeleton with the world's oldest gold found near the Black Sea 4 comments
chocolatefeces · 13 weeks ago
Wow, you know they're royalty when they are buried with a golden penis cap on their dong.
Wallpaper from my New York trip 4 comments
chocolatefeces · 13 weeks ago
Cool, I just went to NYC in february for my brother's wedding.
We need to all keep our spirits up! 14 comments
chocolatefeces · 13 weeks ago
Booze, weed, videogames, pr0n
Squad goals 7 comments
chocolatefeces · 15 weeks ago
they all look like ben solo. One looks like ben solo with a moustache
Love birbs 6 comments
chocolatefeces · 18 weeks ago
How do birds frick?
Easy let's try 8 comments
chocolatefeces · 18 weeks ago
This is why having a child should require a license. Most of the kids would be so much better off, it would reduce overpopulation, eventually, only upstanding citizens would be raising children.
Goodbie Terraria All games have end 3 comments
chocolatefeces · 18 weeks ago
Journey's End is just the beginning. I'm so pumped to do a ranger only run when it comes out.
No hair + beard = respect 7 comments
chocolatefeces · 18 weeks ago
I was thinking the same thing!
He is friendly 7 comments
chocolatefeces · 19 weeks ago
Obi Wan was friendly... Until he had the high ground.
Snap he cracked the code 1 comments
chocolatefeces · 21 weeks ago
After a few dates she'll be like "Wow I'm such a good guesser!"