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I suck at writing titles 9 comments
coffeewhore · 10 weeks ago
in a perfect world, that would be the only problem. We pretend if we get rid of student loans then nothing bad will happen, but we proceed to go on about how corrupt systems are these days. Okay, so then society says the value of a college degree goes down, (whether or not you believe this is not the point im trying to make, bear with my thought process here), then suddenly jobs would require to get a candidate to get a master's degree and then we're right back to square one, no problem solved, just now even MORE difficult for a wider group of people. If your goal was to make more people's lives harder and make it even more difficult for people who don't have the means or time to go to college, loan forgiveness is the perfect way to go.
Also, why is it the tax payer responsibility to pay for someone else's college degree? (Mind you, you can ask this question about A LOT of things! We're talking about education at the moment, but this question can apply to a lot of different things)
I'm fine 2 comments
coffeewhore · 10 weeks ago
are you supposed to burden acquaintances with your troubles? tf? why are we criminalizing being polite?
Constant stress caused complex PTSD 23 comments
coffeewhore · 15 weeks ago
lets ask the people living in socialist countries how their stress levels are, im sure theyll agree with this post *eye roll*
Being gifted can have its drawbacks 12 comments
coffeewhore · 17 weeks ago
i hear this a lot and what i dont understand is what needs to be done about it, like how do we prevent this burnout and how do we solve it? ("you can't" etc responses don't work because we're capable of anything)
You deserve time off 5 comments
coffeewhore · 18 weeks ago
Rest is recharging, yes, but rest isnt scrolling on your phone for hours.
I'm not a socialist but .. 8 comments
coffeewhore · 19 weeks ago
let's ask the people suffering in non-capitalist societies how they're doing with their ADHD, I'm sure they'll totally agree with this stupid post *eye roll*
Is this actually a thing? 17 comments
coffeewhore · 34 weeks ago
Did anyone see why it's called "Let's Go Brandon" on tv?
A kid won an xfinity race and the crowd was chanting "F*** Joe Biden" and the reporter said "they're saying lets go brandon!" which A) is wrong and B) pretty bad of a journalist to do so?
An obstruction of the truth really, cause if they're going to blatantly lie to us like that, what else are they lying about? Also, people who say people shouldn't say that are the ones who say that about other presidents, so drop the hypocrisy act people.
Die a hero, or live long enough to be labelled the villain 9 comments
coffeewhore · 39 weeks ago
her body her choice, amirite? or does that only apply in certain situations..........
Summer cycles 1 comments
coffeewhore · 48 weeks ago
well when you say it like that, yeah, you're going to have a bad time. grow up and stop talking about the destruction of humanity, this cycle is literally an enormous part of it.
Lucky chonk 4 comments
coffeewhore · 1 year ago
k so how do e reblog on here, thats how desperate i am lmao
The only two surviving puppets from the "Rudolph" movie (1964). They sold for $287,500 2 comments
coffeewhore · 1 year ago
wheres the link to buy them bruh, stimmy check coming in clutch
Scumbag Taylor Adding to Depression 4 comments
coffeewhore · 1 year ago
ok but like also it was a really well written album as know what they say, after the plague came the renaissance lol
Anon and his mom 1 comments
coffeewhore · 1 year ago
wheres the link to her book
I'm pretty sure IT have seen some deep shit 12 comments
coffeewhore · 2 years ago
I work at Tiffany's and someone asked me what color our blue infinity bracelet was
I'm 100.0% atheist and have a Masters in CS and a BS in physics. But damn do I need 6 comments
coffeewhore · 2 years ago
Help i need how do we reblog this is how desperate i am
It's time to stop 18 comments
coffeewhore · 3 years ago
Apu is the most successful character on the show technically. He owns the Quik-E Mart, has a wife and children, and he give Homer wise advice from time to time. So i think anyone who is "offended" by his presence needs to sit the fuck down and look at real problems in the world
He works hard on his videos 8 comments
coffeewhore · 3 years ago
Link please!
Thanks 24 comments
coffeewhore · 3 years ago
I'm so happy for you :) keep that light. so glad! keep up the great work!
The simple joys of childhood 7 comments
coffeewhore · 3 years ago
this is adorable. This picture just gave me so much joy and hope honestly
Shut up Huffington Post 5 comments
coffeewhore · 3 years ago
J.K. Rowling these days 3 comments
coffeewhore · 3 years ago
God this is SO ACCURATE THOUGH lmao
Find happiness 5 comments
coffeewhore · 3 years ago
Superman is scared of false rape accusations, lmao 41 comments
coffeewhore · 3 years ago
People will play hard to get. People will text other people right in front of you to let you know that you're "nothing special" to them. "Playing it cool" is the thing to do now. Of course he's going to feel weird pursuing someone. Then its going to be told that he's a douchebag or a player, all because he doesnt want to make people uncomf.
He said something honest and understandable. If you cannot at the very least understand where he is coming from, maybe YOU don't understand part of the problem. The world is filled with so much disrespect, poor guy has no clue if someone is playing hard to get or doesnt want his attention at all. Maybe we should stop this whole playing with people's emotions thing while we're at it and maybe he wouldnt feel like hes walking on eggshells