good guy lego 13 comments
guest · 6 years ago
I like you second guest.
Realized when updating my playlist 6 comments
guest · 6 years ago
There wasn't "SOOO much good music" back in the day. There were plenty of shitty bands and one hit wonders. You just don't hear them today because....they sucked. It was exactly like it is today. There are and were good bands, bad bands, good songs, bad songs. The problem is you get the "highlight reel" from the previous decades, whereas in today's music you get everything, the good and the bad. People say the same thing every generation "I just don't get today's music. It all sucks. Back in my day we listened to REAL music. Get off my lawn!" If it was actually that bad, 20+ years later why do so many more people think its so great?
You can appreciate this guy's talent even if you don't watch football 1 comments
guest · 6 years ago
He hasn't seemed to have done much in the Pros sadly. Or as far as I know anyway, I don't keep up with it that well anymore.
He does have some amazing awareness though. Thats what makes the difference, not just speed. Being able to see that you should stop and go another direction instead of just push as far as you can towards the sideline is what makes a lot of his plays go from a 8yd run to an 80 yd TD
Faith in Humanity: Restored 11 comments
guest · 6 years ago
Like....wrap them up in thread? Is that how you'll "sew" them? As the guy posted, he didn't read what he was buying, which means somewhere its definitely stated exactly what hes buying (would also explain how he's asking not to be shipped shit before he got the package). If they aren't false advertising what exactly are you going to SUE them for? They advertised selling shit, you bought shit, they shipped you shit. What exactly's the problem?