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guest · 9 years ago
A way to prove that God exists it to think about His tomb, along with other so-called 'God's' tombs. If you look in the tomb where Buddha was buried, you will find bones. If you look in Muhammad's tomb, you will also find bones. But if you look in the tomb where Jesus died, you will find nothing. Proof #1: Jesus Christ is the only God that was raised from the dead. Yes, people of other religions will say, "Well, the disciples could have stolen the body." The Bible states that a huge boulder was placed to block the entrance of the tomb. It took many, many soldiers to put it in its place. Proof #2: The disciples could not have moved the tomb on their own. The guards claimed that the body was stolen while they were asleep, but sleeping on the job resulted in death. Proof #3: The accusation of the disciples stealing it could not have been correct anyway.