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guest · 6 years ago
There is no "winning" in Iraq. That country will never have an American style democracy or American style capitalism. All the US is doing there now is trying to justify a reason to stay. And that reason is...cause we're there, might as well keep going until something good happens.
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Fun fact: the reason most major European cities, including Barcelona, look like that is because of the French Revolution. Because of the success of the rebels in hiding in alley ways and narrow streets, coupled with the more inviting look of wide streets, led Napoleon III to hire George Haussmann in 1853 to renovate the city of Paris. He annexed the suburbs, widened the streets, got rid of medians, and forceablly made building no bigger than 7 stories tall. Paris being the center of the world, at that time, and the stretch of French influence, most major European cities adopted the look.
Australian police escorting Putin 29 comments
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Yup, this is fake.
RAPE IS RAPE 22 comments
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I wonder why this has to be said, but don't have sex with drunk people. If a man or woman is intoxicated, do not, under any circumstance, have sex with them. At all. Even if that person if your husband or wife. Wait till they sober up, cause there is no need to ever have confusion about consent.
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Milton created that tale in "Paradise Lost."
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I would bet a dollar they're Mormon.
At least some Police agencies know how to interact with dogs 14 comments
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Pittys are insanely loving, loyal dogs that will do anything to make their person happy.
Not to mention the amount of money people could make 17 comments
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Guest #1 is correct. Portugal has decriminalized drugs (not legalized them). They no longer treat addicts as criminals, rather as people with a disease. Addicts get the help they need, get off the streets, and are provided with assistance with getting a job and housing. Drug addiction shouldn't be treated a crime, that's all there is to it.
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Meanings change as time goes on. Besides, they both killed people and committed crime for profit and in a larger organization. That's about the definition of gangster.
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Lot's of people give a shit. Like lot's of girls give a shit about dating a guy who is younger than them. Most won't do it, just like most girls won't date a guy who's shorter than them.
Wake up America 11 comments
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Or she's getting ready to hit the Diamond Cutter. BAM!
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Seriously? For one thing, gay people don't "prefer homosexual sex" any more than straight people prefer "heterosexual sex". It's the way somebody was born, it has nothing, zero, zilch, nada to do with preference. Secondly, I'm pretty sure you're trolling.