"I'd like an African-American coffee." 9 comments
guest · 9 years ago
Nobody would take any offense when someone is asking for a black coffee. It's in-the-closet racists who make up this type of bullshit. Coming from the same sort of coward racists and misogynists who keep complaining about all those things they cannot say any more, except they do it all the time.
I can't be the only one 43 comments
guest · 9 years ago
the fuck has this meme to do with the question whether one is a boob, face or ass man?
What even was the Bee Movie 10 comments
guest · 9 years ago
That was calculated some 100 years ago, and some 30 years later (after scientists knew more bout aviation shit) it turned out its just wrong, so from then on scientists could actually prove WHY bumblebees can fly, no mysticism here. Too bad nobody told all the brainless hippies who repeat this over and over and over to prove some hippy point.