Children stories of the world 46 comments
guest · 10 years ago
I'm surprised Australia's isn't "The baby eating death destroyer mega ten horned evil wombat"
I'm kicking myself for not posting this sooner. 28 comments
guest · 10 years ago
That's disgusting
What did Miley do so wrong? 3 comments
guest · 10 years ago
I just imagine Hannah Montana every time she rubs her ass on a married guy on a stage and a little childhood dies
A picture you can smell 23 comments
guest · 10 years ago
theres a fucking pencil in there this is honestly an outrage there was almost this old waxy childhood reminder smell but oh no i scrolled through this shit and theres a little black ass shitty pencil that comes in those crappy geometry set things for the useless pointy circle drawers so honestly i am 100% done cause i almost had this great smell thing going but oh no impostor pencil