True, very true 20 comments
guest · 8 years ago
What's interesting is that it WASN'T an American. It was an Australian. Which shows how easy it is to label someone a scapegoat without any actual evidence and, with that haughty air of superiority, blame the party that you are bigoted toward and not anyone that's actually at fault, which is a common problem faced by pretty much all of humanity.
deg deg 12 comments
guest · 8 years ago
You're not doing it right 6 comments
guest · 8 years ago
Actually, a decent smuggler would need to be well known, in certain circles, otherwise he would never get any business.
The biggest question in the history of animation 22 comments
guest · 8 years ago
Why? Because they love each other. How? Life, uh, finds a way.
Was this man a time traveler? 37 comments
guest · 8 years ago
Yes, this guy wrote the book. But then, years later, the President Taft used the book to cover up a United States military raid on the Titanic, via airship, to stop King Leopold II's scheme of vengeance against America for foiling his nefarious plans for the Belgian Congo, said scheme involving filling New York harbor with radioactive steam from the Titanic's boilers. Everyone killed when the Titanic was scuttled by American forces were actually enemy combatants, and all of the real passengers made it off the ship alive. It's all a conspiracy! Open your eyes, people!
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guest · 9 years ago
Or......this joke is about falling victim to stereotyping. They assume that Americans are involved. Couldn't possibly be anyone else. Except it was. It was an Australian. Technically, judging by their accents, one of their own. So sure, blame the Americans and look like an idiot when someone else is responsible.