It doesn't really excuse anything 16 comments
guest · 6 years ago
True that
The biggest challenge will be getting men to wear it on a date 23 comments
guest · 6 years ago
Perhaps they are thinking of a world where a victim of an assault does not have to justify themselves. Justifying their actions to the courts as to why they did not purchase this 'anti-date rape device', because believe me there will be people who choose not to purchase it. Thus, giving the justice system just another precedent to drag victims of heinous acts through the courts and accuse them of being able to prevent the actions of others. Despite it being a keen idea in the prevention of date rapes, it is going to end up just being used as a tool to victim sham. "Oh, you didn't buy the nail polish to check if your date drugged you and therefore led to your assault? Was your clothes to revealing as well?" Obviously we do not live in a perfect world and it is sad and pathetic that there is need for such product on the market.