And they usually do 14 comments
guest · 7 years ago
Point a gun at those fuckers especially if that speeding fucker has a kid. Point it at the kid and watch them in fear and cry like bitches
boom 16 comments
guest · 7 years ago
There was no point in the Iraq war you little shit. WMD's? Lol. If that's there shitty excuse, should've invaded Iran or North Korea and that might make sense but Iraq? Fucking Iraq. Out of all those 2, you invade fucking Iraq. I know the only highway to Iran is through Baghdad but saying Iraq is invaded due to WMDs is a fucking stupid excuse. Also I don't need any oil conspiracy theories here. We drilled 0 oil in Iraq. You know who drilled oil in Iraq? China. So tell me, what was so urgent that Iraq was needed to be invaded? Huh, stop protecting a bad president you piece of shit. Obama is also crap but not as worse as bush. Do us a favor and kill yourself
feelgood posts will make you feel good 10 comments
guest · 7 years ago
Liberal fuck wanting free shit