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guest · 8 years ago
Thisoneguy has quite a posting and commenting history, and he is phobic all over, full monty. It may be true that apart from biological factors (wiki:Intersex) "societal influences" may at least partly affect a person to be in conflict with their biological sex, but this is a phenomenon known already in early societies, sometimes present for thousands of years up until now, i.E. the Hijras is SE Asia. These are people who never even heard of any gender theories and discussion. Its something inside them from the beginning, and we do not know exactly what makes them uncomfortable in the "wrong" or in any sex/gender. So the term "true biology" is just out of line, as its not just the x/y thing. LGBT are not at all confused any more when they come out to themselves, for them, its usually the end of a very confusing period in their life. Its the "normal" people who tend to be confused, which may explain a lot of the phobia and hostility.