Millennatude problem 12 comments
guest · 1 year ago
Laura sucks Brian’s dick for a while, then dumps his ass, takes his house and receives spousal support. He works 80 hour weeks in a cold dangerous environment and keeps 30% of his pay. Laura spends her life between manicurists and mimosas talking bout #malepriv.
Who’s the smart one? Some are more equal than others.
Elon you listining? 18 comments
guest · 2 years ago
A whole generation buying snake oil with crypto currency.
That’s gonna be an interesting election 9 comments
guest · 2 years ago
He’ll get the virtue signalling vote for sure.
A good daddy 26 comments
guest · 2 years ago
Weird power dynamics, I’ve got a friend (37) who has always dated 19 year olds, once the girls reach about 22, they walk. He’s on to a 28 year old now, but he’s been chasing that one for 7 years.
Is someone your own maturity level so intimidating? Is it just about “I give money, I get power”?
Make a choice 29 comments
guest · 4 years ago
Deadpool, hands down